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4 Super Tips for Finding a Job using Linkedin

Have been getting hundreds of emails / comments on my updates asking me to through their profile or help the person in finding a job. Now, I do realise that some fake recruiters to increase the number of hits on their profiles ask people to like / post a comment on their update, but a job seeker needs to understand that when any recruiter is actually recruiting, they will provide 1 > specific job role for which they are hiring 2> an actual mail id / process for application as they seriously don’t have time to through various Linkedin profiles – most of which are actually incomplete. If a desperate job seeker still wants to fall in such traps, it’s his / her wish.  For the rest here are 4 tips which will allow you to have a better chance against your competition

  • Low Hanging Fruits – Apply for current “relevant” job openings : Besides the usual job openings that you can find via “Jobs” section in Linkedin , search for “job opening” / “we are hiring”/ “looking for” etc. in the search under people to find jobs posted as updates on recruiters profiles and under groups for job posted in groups. Use the process mentioned for application.
  • Make your Resume recruiter friendly: If the process includes applying via web / or sending applications to a generic email id, it usually means use of Applicant Tracking System. To increase chances of your resume being shortlisted by ATS, feel free to read “7 Tips to get your resume shortlisted”. If the recruiter has mentioned direct mail id – use an achievement oriented resume, highlighting skills relevant to job you are applying for. Do not send an email with generic subject line, instead use “Application for “position name”, “location” currently working as “current position”, having “x” number of years of experience”. By helping the recruiter by showing relevancy of your profile in subject line, you are increasing the chances of your resume to be shortlisted. (PS: please name your resume, it makes the recruiters life  easier)
  • Research relevant recruiter: Before sending a mail with your resume, do your research to find the relevant recruiter, yes even if you are sending a mail to a company HR person, the person may be irrelevant to the job you are applying for. Use Google / Linkedin search / referral through you network to identify recruiters who are working in the sector, handling the recruitment of vertical you are applying to. Most recruiters will trash the irrelevant resumes instead of trying to figure out if it may be relevant to some other recruiter in the team / company. Using this tip will ensure that relevant recruiters have your profile in their databank for current / future openings.
  • Network with hiring manager: If there are no current openings but you want to work for a particular company , identify the relevant decision maker / hiring manager for the position e.g. looking for a sales position , look for sales manager of the region in which you wish to work or looking for a sourcing job , look for sourcing manager. Try finding people in your common network & joining relevant common groups, which will help you to add them to your Linkedin network. Once added keep in touch with them, liking / commenting on their updates, sending them mails relevant to their jobs etc. Let them know that you are interested to work in their company but do not stalk them or show desperation.  These hiring managers will act as your referrals even before the job is advertised, cutting you the chase.

Use the above tips to help you increase your chances of landing an interview for your dream job. All the best.


4 Super Tips for Finding a Job using Linkedin

Want to Burnout at Work – 10 Easy Tips

  1. BE A PERFECTIONIST: Set impossible standards for yourself and know that good enough is just not acceptable. Try to squeeze out every drop of productivity from daily work. Beat yourself if everything isn’t perfect and sacrifice everything from family time to “me time” to get it “just” right.
  2. LACK BELIEF: Lack belief in your own ability to accomplish goals and tasks (ensuring that you are stressed out even before you start) or do work that you don’t believe in (personal values clash with you companies values or your current job). Let the clash & stress erode you and make you prone to BURNOUT J
  3. EAT LUNCH AT DESK: Treat your body as a machine and work without break. Take your lunch at your desk – after all taking a break might mean the end of the world, collapse of economy or at least the bankruptcy of your company. Forget the fact that giving yourself a break will refresh you and make you more productive.
  4. DON’T TAKE VACATIONS: Going in line with point no 3, I suggest that you should not take any vacations if you wish to burnout fast. As a vacation means enjoyment, fun & relaxation while reconnecting with family, friends and yourself which can ease your stress. A strict no – no if you really wish to burnout.
  5. DON’T COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR BOSS: Unclear job description, routine activities, poor job fit, being micro managed, and no growth prospects can all lead to burnout. So for a faster burnout never discuss these with your boss/ HR to get them resolved.
  6. NEVER SAY “NO”: In line with above never say “No”. Deadline pushed forward – accept, overloaded still more work put on your plate – say yes. Colleague slacking but asking you to do his / her job – be happy. Being pulled in all directions and not having a single minute to yourself will easily stress you out.
  7. DON’T TRUST YOUR COLLEAGUES / SUBORDINATES: Trusting relationship with your colleagues and subordinates would mean “POSITIVE WORK ENVIORONMENT” which is toxic to burnout. Always be scared and believe that people around you are there only to sabotage you and are just waiting to bring out their knives. Be scared and stressed about it J
  8. DON’T HAVE ANY SOCIAL NETWORK APART FROM WORK COLLEAGUES: Unlike the point above if you are made to suffer and work with a great bunch of people at work. Ensure you do not have any social circle apart from them. Talk shop on weekends (if you are not working or dreaming / thinking of work) or on all your outings. No mental break from work, same people in and out of office will help you to burnout. To burnout even faster don’t have any network at all, as feeling isolated will make you feel more stressed.
  9. DON’T CULTIVATE ANY HOBBIES: Hobbies are detrimental if you really wish to burnout. Stay away from things that you may “Love” to do. A hobby can be therapeutic -will relax you, give you a mental break & make you happy L. This is not desirable as cultivating a hobby will make you better-rounded as your self-worth and identity should be solely based on your work.
  10. DON’T TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF: Last but not the least ensure that you do not have fixed hours for anything. You should be sleep deprived, should not eat healthy or exercise.

Following all the tips above will mean that you are on your to be “ Happily Burned out”

Stop Reading Self Help Books – New Year Resolution


The sales of self – help books increase during January as people make resolutions to read more and change their lives for better. People hit libraries and book stores which are filled with numerous “Self – Help books” on every imaginable topic. These books promise to help you lose weight, have a perfect relationship or get over a relationship, cope with difficult situations and improve the self.

What I have learnt from reading all the self – help books is you don’t need them. No amount of visualization, law of attraction, latest diet, relationship advise book will help, as there is no single mould in which we can be poured and made into a loved, fit , rich , successful & happy human being. We just need the following

  1. Common sense : We know what’s working in our life and what is not working. We know the obstacles in our way, and using the common sense that we all have – we just need to start working on overcoming them. We need common-sense to know if one particular way of doing it is not working. GO CHANGE IT.
  2. Will power : It’s very easy to create a to do list , create goals for self and hang them on boards. What’s even easier is to let go of those and give excuses. There is never a perfect time to start something and it will always be difficult to stick to the path of change. There will be temptation in form of yummilicious food when you are on diet , the cold / heat / late nights at work will keep you away from your exercise. Remember INERTIA will always exist. USE your WILLPOWER and STICK TO IT.
  3. Self –Belief : As a corollary to above point , have faith in yourself. You cannot change the person in front of you, but you can change yourself and lead the life you want if you just WORK at it. Be realistic about your DREAMS ( I don’t mean to say you should not DREAM BIG , but DREAM BIG and break it into smaller realistic goals that you can accomplish ) and go and make them come true. Remember that we all have just one life & the only thing that can make you happy is YOU.


4.Hard work : Last but not the least hard work is required to make any dream come true. Trees of dreams give fruits only when sweat of labour is used to water them. Persevere in your chase and you shall WIN.

PS : if you wish to read inspirational books , read diaries , biographies and autobiographies of people you look upto. Even fiction can give you the motivation and life lessons. Just be open.

Time to start a NEW HABIT is NOW

In our bid to find the best time to start something new , to start it perfectly we end up never starting on things we wish to do. For me that this has been beginning an exercise program. My excuses – early office timings , long work hours , tired , gyms are too far away from home , no motivation to work out at home , its boring , medical reasons etc etc .

And then i spoke to friend and colleague who has similar life style , location and other constraints but who works out on alternate days and finds time for her hobbies too. Something inside me clicked, and i decided to start working out with a personal trainer in my society gym .

So what was it  that was holding me back till now  –  I realised I have been a yo-yo dieter since ages, but beginning a work out program ( except playing on my wii – fitness ) has never excited me. For me to stick to a thing , I need excitement , I want fun or super fast results , which was not happening.

Having a personal trainer coming home , cuts down on my excuses of not having time or travelling etc. The personal trainer takes into account my current stamina and fitness level. My exercise routine can be as varied as I want it to be – the guy is martial arts specialist , certified in personal training , kick boing etc. , creating The regularity of working out will hopefully make me an addict , creating a healthy life long habit.

Things I learnt

1 – Stop procrastinating

Time for making a change is now , there is no perfect day to start. Just start there will be plenty of time for adjustments and optimization later.

2 – Analyse your excuses

Try to figure out what is holding you back , the root cause behind the excuses and work on that and not on excuses.

3 – Figure out a solution

Be creative with solution. Think of what will help you achieve your target and not solutions for how to manage your excuses

4 – Stick to it

Stick to the solution atleast for 21 days , its difficult for our minds and bodies to adjust to any new thing. Allow it to happen. Stick to your resolve.

5 – Let people know to ensure you have a support system , if you try to wriggle out or break the habit.

Presentation Prep: When that little voice of self-doubt starts talking to you

Train Like a Champion

I’ve been working with a bunch of colleagues to prepare a slew of presentations that will be delivered over the next several weeks. Several of my colleagues have expressed their concerns about whether they will be able to put on a good show for their audience. I, myself, have felt these same doubts about my own upcoming presentations.

As I was checking my Twitter feed last week, I was surprised to see similar thoughts of self-doubt coming from Jane McGonigal.


This, coming from a NewYorkTimes bestselling author of one book who has also delivered some of my favorite TED talks.

It made me feel better. It seems that everyone, regardless of how successful, has a little voice of self-doubt. It probably means that we really care about what we’re doing. That’s the good news.

The bad news, however, is that just because everyone has that little…

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How to Deliver a Successful Presentation

Denisse C


My weakness is public speaking. Despite the loud volume of my voice when I talk to my friends, I am not that great in public speaking. It’s as if my voice runs away when I face a crowd. I get scared; my face heats up, my palms sweat, and my voice shakes. Sometimes, I forget what I’m talking about and stammer. And I’m sure I’m not the only who experiences this. People get stage fright all the time and sometimes getting a “JUST BE CONFIDENT” advice is not enough.

I took a presentation course called “Workshop in Presentation Strategies” and it helped me a lot with my presentation skills. I think I’m a lot better at public speaking now than I was before, but still, it is my weakness. What I liked about the course was that we had less lectures and more hands-on training. We had presentations…

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