4 Super Tips for Finding a Job using Linkedin

Have been getting hundreds of emails / comments on my updates asking me to through their profile or help the person in finding a job. Now, I do realise that some fake recruiters to increase the number of hits on their profiles ask people to like / post a comment on their update, but a job seeker needs to understand that when any recruiter is actually recruiting, they will provide 1 > specific job role for which they are hiring 2> an actual mail id / process for application as they seriously don’t have time to through various Linkedin profiles – most of which are actually incomplete. If a desperate job seeker still wants to fall in such traps, it’s his / her wish.  For the rest here are 4 tips which will allow you to have a better chance against your competition

  • Low Hanging Fruits – Apply for current “relevant” job openings : Besides the usual job openings that you can find via “Jobs” section in Linkedin , search for “job opening” / “we are hiring”/ “looking for” etc. in the search under people to find jobs posted as updates on recruiters profiles and under groups for job posted in groups. Use the process mentioned for application.
  • Make your Resume recruiter friendly: If the process includes applying via web / or sending applications to a generic email id, it usually means use of Applicant Tracking System. To increase chances of your resume being shortlisted by ATS, feel free to read “7 Tips to get your resume shortlisted”. If the recruiter has mentioned direct mail id – use an achievement oriented resume, highlighting skills relevant to job you are applying for. Do not send an email with generic subject line, instead use “Application for “position name”, “location” currently working as “current position”, having “x” number of years of experience”. By helping the recruiter by showing relevancy of your profile in subject line, you are increasing the chances of your resume to be shortlisted. (PS: please name your resume, it makes the recruiters life  easier)
  • Research relevant recruiter: Before sending a mail with your resume, do your research to find the relevant recruiter, yes even if you are sending a mail to a company HR person, the person may be irrelevant to the job you are applying for. Use Google / Linkedin search / referral through you network to identify recruiters who are working in the sector, handling the recruitment of vertical you are applying to. Most recruiters will trash the irrelevant resumes instead of trying to figure out if it may be relevant to some other recruiter in the team / company. Using this tip will ensure that relevant recruiters have your profile in their databank for current / future openings.
  • Network with hiring manager: If there are no current openings but you want to work for a particular company , identify the relevant decision maker / hiring manager for the position e.g. looking for a sales position , look for sales manager of the region in which you wish to work or looking for a sourcing job , look for sourcing manager. Try finding people in your common network & joining relevant common groups, which will help you to add them to your Linkedin network. Once added keep in touch with them, liking / commenting on their updates, sending them mails relevant to their jobs etc. Let them know that you are interested to work in their company but do not stalk them or show desperation.  These hiring managers will act as your referrals even before the job is advertised, cutting you the chase.

Use the above tips to help you increase your chances of landing an interview for your dream job. All the best.


4 Super Tips for Finding a Job using Linkedin


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