Stop Reading Self Help Books – New Year Resolution


The sales of self – help books increase during January as people make resolutions to read more and change their lives for better. People hit libraries and book stores which are filled with numerous “Self – Help books” on every imaginable topic. These books promise to help you lose weight, have a perfect relationship or get over a relationship, cope with difficult situations and improve the self.

What I have learnt from reading all the self – help books is you don’t need them. No amount of visualization, law of attraction, latest diet, relationship advise book will help, as there is no single mould in which we can be poured and made into a loved, fit , rich , successful & happy human being. We just need the following

  1. Common sense : We know what’s working in our life and what is not working. We know the obstacles in our way, and using the common sense that we all have – we just need to start working on overcoming them. We need common-sense to know if one particular way of doing it is not working. GO CHANGE IT.
  2. Will power : It’s very easy to create a to do list , create goals for self and hang them on boards. What’s even easier is to let go of those and give excuses. There is never a perfect time to start something and it will always be difficult to stick to the path of change. There will be temptation in form of yummilicious food when you are on diet , the cold / heat / late nights at work will keep you away from your exercise. Remember INERTIA will always exist. USE your WILLPOWER and STICK TO IT.
  3. Self –Belief : As a corollary to above point , have faith in yourself. You cannot change the person in front of you, but you can change yourself and lead the life you want if you just WORK at it. Be realistic about your DREAMS ( I don’t mean to say you should not DREAM BIG , but DREAM BIG and break it into smaller realistic goals that you can accomplish ) and go and make them come true. Remember that we all have just one life & the only thing that can make you happy is YOU.


4.Hard work : Last but not the least hard work is required to make any dream come true. Trees of dreams give fruits only when sweat of labour is used to water them. Persevere in your chase and you shall WIN.

PS : if you wish to read inspirational books , read diaries , biographies and autobiographies of people you look upto. Even fiction can give you the motivation and life lessons. Just be open.


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