Time to start a NEW HABIT is NOW

In our bid to find the best time to start something new , to start it perfectly we end up never starting on things we wish to do. For me that this has been beginning an exercise program. My excuses – early office timings , long work hours , tired , gyms are too far away from home , no motivation to work out at home , its boring , medical reasons etc etc .

And then i spoke to friend and colleague who has similar life style , location and other constraints but who works out on alternate days and finds time for her hobbies too. Something inside me clicked, and i decided to start working out with a personal trainer in my society gym .

So what was it  that was holding me back till now  –  I realised I have been a yo-yo dieter since ages, but beginning a work out program ( except playing on my wii – fitness ) has never excited me. For me to stick to a thing , I need excitement , I want fun or super fast results , which was not happening.

Having a personal trainer coming home , cuts down on my excuses of not having time or travelling etc. The personal trainer takes into account my current stamina and fitness level. My exercise routine can be as varied as I want it to be – the guy is martial arts specialist , certified in personal training , kick boing etc. , creating The regularity of working out will hopefully make me an addict , creating a healthy life long habit.

Things I learnt

1 – Stop procrastinating

Time for making a change is now , there is no perfect day to start. Just start there will be plenty of time for adjustments and optimization later.

2 – Analyse your excuses

Try to figure out what is holding you back , the root cause behind the excuses and work on that and not on excuses.

3 – Figure out a solution

Be creative with solution. Think of what will help you achieve your target and not solutions for how to manage your excuses

4 – Stick to it

Stick to the solution atleast for 21 days , its difficult for our minds and bodies to adjust to any new thing. Allow it to happen. Stick to your resolve.

5 – Let people know to ensure you have a support system , if you try to wriggle out or break the habit.


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