Struck in comfort zone – 3 Tips to help you break free


(Image courtesy David Castillo Dominici )

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If you are still reading on, you must have realised that you are struck in your comfort zone. Comfort zone may mean relaxed pace, no risk but it usually leads to sense of complacency and boredom –we stop evolving & growing & face entropy – the dreaded decay.

Don’t look so dismayed. The very fact that you are reading this blog means you are ready to act, ready to break free from the shackles of comfort & enjoy the roller coaster that any new change brings. Here, are a few tips that will help you.

  • Create a list of your fears & your dreams: List down all the things you want to achieve in your life, all the dreams you have. Now make a list of all your fears & all the things which are holding you back from achieving your hearts desires. Define activities that will help you face your fears and get out of this comfort pit.

           An example action sheet

Start Own Business

    1. Business Plan Approval: Get the business plan approved for loan by bank. Will help to plug any gaps in business plan & give confidence in regards with actual feasibility

    2. Financial health: Get your financial advisor to help you create investment plans so as to enable you to meet all you expenses till your business breaks even + to manage any emergencies.

    3. Get a business coach

  • Love yourself : No matter what your weight or health – accept yourself and love yourself. Eat healthy, work out, wear the best clothes you can and always remember this is the only body you have. Take care of it. Every day look into the mirror focus on what you’re doing right, and speak positively to yourself. Realistic constructive self-talk helps in reducing stress, gives self-confidence, and help you put more enjoyment into your lifeSelf-love gives you confidence to try out new things and not fear the risks of breaking free from comfort zone.

  • Try something new every-day: The simple act of trying a new activity can help people move beyond their comfort zones. You can start by enrolling for a new class (fitness or cooking or drama or tarot) or try a new cuisine or any small change in your daily routine. The act of trying something unfamiliar will probably be uncomfortable at first but remember that feeling a little uncertain isn’t going to hurt you.




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