How to Deliver a Successful Presentation

Denisse C


My weakness is public speaking. Despite the loud volume of my voice when I talk to my friends, I am not that great in public speaking. It’s as if my voice runs away when I face a crowd. I get scared; my face heats up, my palms sweat, and my voice shakes. Sometimes, I forget what I’m talking about and stammer. And I’m sure I’m not the only who experiences this. People get stage fright all the time and sometimes getting a “JUST BE CONFIDENT” advice is not enough.

I took a presentation course called “Workshop in Presentation Strategies” and it helped me a lot with my presentation skills. I think I’m a lot better at public speaking now than I was before, but still, it is my weakness. What I liked about the course was that we had less lectures and more hands-on training. We had presentations…

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