Appraisal Hack : Preparing for an appraisal



  1. Collect back-ground material: The following material can help you create smart self-appraisal, which in turn will help you with your actual discussion with your manager.
    1. Job description : to define boundaries and expectations
    2. Targets versus accomplishments : quantitative data for performance highlights
    3. Last year’s competence appraisal: for highlighting strengths and achievements related to areas of development
  2. Create an accomplishments list:  List any projects that you handled that you finished ahead of the deadline or under budget. Think about ways you saved or made the company money. Any process improvements you made during the year. Include any new training or skills you acquired during the year and how they have helped you and will in turn help the company.
  3. Do a self-appraisal: Even if your company doesn’t formally do them, it’s good idea to complete a self-evaluation. Use the same performance appraisal form your manager will be using. Go through each competency and goal listed, and rate your performance. Be honest in your ratings with ready reckoner of justification for rating. In case its competence based appraisal you will be facing, go through the demonstrated behaviors associated and keep ready 4 to 5 instances where you exhibited such behaviors.
  4. Have a goal sheet: Be ready with a list of goals you would like to pursue and skills you’d like to develop over the next year (ensure that these goals and skills have direct impact on current job & are aligned to your career plan). While defining your goals you might want to look for opportunities to expand your duties, broaden your knowledge, or take on additional responsibility. Draft these as goals and you might actually get a toe hold onto a future higher responsibility position.
  5. Personal needs discussion: The review process is your opportunity to ask for a raise or promotion, and have an open discussion about your career path and potential opportunities. For most people it’s difficult to bring these things up while sitting face-to-face with the supervisor, so create a written list of items you’d like to discuss. If it’s still difficult for you to discuss forward this sheet along with self-appraisal & goal sheet prior to appraisal as agenda items.

Have a great appraisal.


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