Using anger constructively

I recently booked my first car and before you start wondering whats great about it , let me tell you a secret. I have car driving phobia , have seen so many carcasses of street dogs hit by a vehicle and for other personal reasons never wanted to drive. I never needed to as the option of radio cabs was always there , till I got frustrated and angered by the radio cab services. The anger made me face my fear of driving and inspect all my fears. End result soon to be proud owner of a new car , my first car.

The anger has been used in the past to bring about the changes. Think of either struggle for independence , voting rights for women or our current fight against corruption – they’ve all been the result of anger of people against situation.

We can all harness the energy of anger to bring in constructive changes we desire. We can use it to motivate us and use it to push harder for what we want as it makes us strong and powerful.

Here’s something which can help you with using anger :

  • Ask yourself what angers you – it could be your land -lord , harping about the rent money, your parents pressurizing you about your grades , your boss who’s not promoting you/ raising your salary etc
  • Stop being unproductive – getting angry in all the above situations is seemingly unproductive. So, you do nothing — that is, until you get mad enough about the way things are that you finally spring into action.
  • Stop being a victim – focus this angry energy to re-examine your beliefs , what makes you feel you deserve a raise/ promotion . Its not an entitlement based on number of years in service. What have been your achievements during the year, what have you saved the company , when was the last time you discussed the achievements with your boss. Think long , think hard. This will help you to come up with a plan for achieving your hearts desire – more money , better grades , successful relationships , promotions etc.
  • Stick to your plans – go after what you want with full faith and achieve all that you dream of.



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