Creating and managing Holistic Resolutions for 2014

  • Get a blank sheet of paper
  • Draw a large circle
  • Divide the circle into seven segments – like a pizza – where each piece represents an area of your life as it is now.


  • The general categories are:
    • Fun – Happiness, Hobbies
    • Romance/Partner – Current or future Life Partner
    • Career – Job satisfaction, Career path
    • Family/Friends – Children, Parents, Relatives , Friends
    • Health – Exercise, Diet
    • Wealth- Savings, Investments
    • Personal development – Self-space, Spiritual, Artistic
  • Once you have labelled your wheel
  • Assign a number from 1 to 10 next to each category.
    • Write 1 if you are unsatisfied in this area and 10 if you are totally satisfied.
  • Choose the areas you would most like to move forward on during 2014?
  • Create specific goals & linked activities – should not be more than 2 goals per category, and not more than 3 focus categories in a year.
  • Block time for activities related to goals in your calendar – goal is to spend time with family , block a dinner date with wife per week , block a weekly outing with kids in your calendar & set reminder.

And the most important thing : Make a PROMISE to yourself to keep your resolution


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