Identifying thought patterns related to self


In the last exercise we tried to understand various categories of thought patterns. Now we need to understand if & how these thought patterns are limiting our growth.

Please answer the following questions about below

  • Am I happy with this aspect of my life?
  • What is it that I believe about this aspect?
  • What is it that I believe about myself and my own abilities related to this aspect?
  • What would others say about this belief?
  • Is this belief practical?
  • How does this belief relate to limiting thought patterns discussed in previous exercise

Life aspects to be considered for answering above questions

1>     Appearance

2>     Competence

3>     Intelligence

4>     Personality

5>      Success

6>     Relationship with Family

7>     Relationship with Friends

8>     Relationship with spouse or significant other / if single with opposite gender

 The answer to above questions will tell you if you are self-sabotaging yourself because of your thought process. The next post will be about exercises to change thought patterns.

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