Limiting Thought Patterns

Identifying thought patterns 

Oxford dictionary defines Thought Patterns as “a habit of thinking in a particular way, using particular assumptions”


Our thought pattern determines the words we use, our non-verbal cues & body language, our reactions to various situation & our strategizing process. Sometimes limiting our options and holding us back.

In this exercise we will try to identify our thought patterns and we will learn to change them in our next exercise.

Limiting thought pattern types

  1. Extremity – disproportionately exaggerating or minimizing the things.
  2. Overgeneralisation – making broad conclusion based on one or two instances of an event. 
  3. Filtering – is looking at only one element of a situation to the exclusion of everything else , usually seeing only the negative aspects of a situation and “filtering out” the positives
  4. Personalizing – comparing yourself with other and thus devaluing others or yourself
  5. Mind Reading – we believe that we know what another person is thinking and react accordingly
  6. Fortune telling – predicting the events / outcomes , assuming them to be established fact
  7. Rules – we expect people “should” do things in a certain way.
  8. Polarizing – meaning that you see everything in terms of black and white, all good or all bad
  9. Catastrophizing – always expecting the worst

Do you identify with any of these common limiting thought patterns ? Do you see any of these limiting thought patterns having an impact on your vision for your life ?If so, you may be restricting your growth. Try to keep an open mind and be ready to challenge your beliefs. You will be amazed at the difference you make.


2 comments on “Limiting Thought Patterns

  1. My Sir refers to “Habitual patterns” as Karma. It can be classified into 3 Types
    1. Line drawn on Water
    2. Line drawn on Sand
    3. Line drawn on Rock
    We should always be careful of the “Habitual patterns” which get engraved in us.

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