Create the life you want : Understand yourself


Are you living a life without passion? Do you feel jaded and don’t know where to go ? Are you living a life that is not in synch with who you are? If you were to die tomorrow, will you be happy with the choices you’ve made ?

Exercises to help you create your vision for life

1. Last year of Life
Imagine that a doctor has told you that you just have a year to live. Please write down , how you’d like to spend this last year of life. You may want to consider the below factors , while creating your plan.

2. Write self – obituary
How would you like your spouse , parents/children , siblings , friends , colleagues & society  to remember you

3. Perfect Day

If today was the most perfect day in your life – what would it be like


These exercises will help you figure out what you want from life. But , remember no one else is going to/can build the life you want for you. You are the only one who know what you want and how to get.  Don’t let fear , society , validation from others stand in your way.


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